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What makes VintageView different to other wine racks?

VintageView racks have a innovative design that stores your bottles with the label forward, displaying the label not just the cork.
With a choice of one, two or three bottles deep, and nine or twelve bottles high, you have an exceptionally flexible and effective way to store wine bottles in nearly any space, regardless of height, depth or width limitations.Apart from the options in the standard range, there are also racks to hold Magnum size bottles, a presentation style rack and even a mounting frame for situations where wall mounting is difficult; all of which can be combined in ways only limited by your imagination.

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What are the racks made of?

The racks are all manufactured to exacting standards using high grade steel and come in two different finishes: powder coated to produce a stylish Matt Black finish and brushed nickel to produce a smart modern Platinum finish.
It is also possible to have the racks produced in custom colours (subject to extra cost). As they are tube steel they can of course also be cut to fit into different heights.
By combining any of these six basic racks, you can cover almost any number of bottles and store your wine collection in the most efficient and effective way.It’s the only wine storage solution that easily fits into narrow spaces, like hallways and under staircases, while still being able to expand to perfectly store larger collections.

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Can I store as many bottles with VintageView wine racks as with traditional racks?

For a straightforward installation, our 3-bottle deep racks will generally hold the same quantity of bottles as standard cork-forward racks…9 bottles per square foot. However, where you have different or unusual spaces, the options within our range allow you to fit even more bottles than with a traditional rack, for example into tight corners.
Apart from utilising the 1 or 2 deep racks for narrower spaces, you can also interlace our 3-bottle racks (call for details – see pdf below) and increase your storage capacity to as much as 11 bottles per square foot.Of course all this comes with the fact that your bottles are now being displayed, label forward, not just stored!

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Will the racks fit my space?

With the option of one, two or three deep units, you can fit our racks into almost any available space. They can be easily combined in any configuration and even be cut to fit unusual situations.
We are happy to assist in deciding which racks may best suit your space – please feel free to get in touch …
As a start, you can download the spec sheet (pdf) for the WS series here: WS-Specs

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Is installation difficult with these racks?

Our racks are simple to install using a screwdriver, basic drill, level and a wine bottle. All racks now come with a hardware kit (see below) and detailed installation instructions. VintageView racks can be installed onto wood, brick, plasterboard, drywall or just about any other surface.
There are six pre-drilled mounting holes for fasteners on each set of racks, three holes per side. The top fastener has the most pull out force (horizontal pressure away from the wall) so when installing wall strips ALWAYS make sure the top fastener is solid.
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What are the general installation guidelines?

Your rack comes as two wall mounted strips – one for the base and one for the neck. These can be fixed to the wall either ‘left’ or ‘right’ handed – ie so that the neck faces either left or right.
Standard bottles [750ml] average 30cm in length – for this size bottle the strips are mounted at 19cm apart (starting a minimum of 7cm distance from your first perpendicular wall) and then 14cm between sets of racks. Each complete rack therefore requires approximately 33cm of space, side-to-side, for installation with standard bottles.Note: All wine bottles vary in size: make sure to confirm your bottle measurements before installing your VintageView wine racks.

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What are the recommended fixings for different surfaces?

Fixings will obviously depend finally on the nature of the wall surface you are mounting on, but each of our racks now come with a hardware kit consisting of 2 x toggle bolts, 4 x spiral drywall anchors and 6 x screws. This kit is all you should need for either plasterboard (drywall) or wooden surfaces. For concrete or brick surfaces we suggest M5 (5mm) x 40mm screws with appropriate anchor as needed – check with local hardware shop if not sure.
Please feel free to get in touch if you want further information
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Can I fix my racks to a plasterboard wall?

Yes. Even though plasterboard may be the ‘weakest’ of all wall materials, it is so common that we have found most of our home installations are likely to be on this type of wall. In all the thousands of installations using our racks across the world, there has never been a single reported case of racks falling off a wall, it just needs a little care with the choice of fixing.
The most common and effective fixing is the spring toggle (or butterfly) anchor, which is designed to spread out into the cavity behind the wall, making a secure support for heavier items. All our racks now include 2 of these for securing the top holes, with additional spiral anchors for the others.If you are unsure, you can also check with a local DIY or hardware store to see what they may have. Please feel free to contact us if you need further advice.

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