Design & Support

With so much to choose from, getting the mix right to create that perfect wine display can prove a challenge. Here at VintageView, we would like to help as best we can – with the original wall mounted WS racks (from 1 high, 3-deep to 12 high 3-deep), floor-ceiling mounts, Vino Series peg system, freestanding and now the new Evolution Wine Wall and Case & Crate storage, we have something for nearly any application to show off your wine collection. We are happy to offer support and advice from design to specification – just get in contact and see what we can do to create that great wine display the way you want it.

The VintageView range is designed to be modular, with racks easily combining to create displays of near any size or shape. Add Magnum, oversized, presentation style racks, our Vino Series pins and rails, floor-ceiling frames and free-standing units – and you have almost limitless possibilities to bring your vision to a reality.

We are happy to look at any sketches or plans you have, and give advice on what may best suit your space. If you are still at the ideas stage – just tell us your rough dimensions, and we can take it from there.
Below you will find specification and installation sheets, as well as links to some videos showing how easy our racks are to install.
Feel free to get in touch for CAD drawings and further technical detail, or just with any questions you may have.

Specification and Installation

Click the links here to download our specification sheets and Installation instructions:

WS1 series 3 high (305mm) racks:
WS1 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS5 series 15 high (1525mm) racks:
WS5 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS2 series 6 high (610mm) racks:
WS2 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS6 series 18 high (1830mm) racks:
WS6 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS3 series 9 high (915mm) racks:
WS3 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS7 series 21 high (2135mm) racks:
WS7 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS4 series 12 high (1220mm) racks:
WS4 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WS8 series 24 high (2440mm) racks:
WS8 – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
Mag 9 Bottle high racks:
MAG – Spec sheet
Mag – installation
BIG 6 Bottle high racks:
WSBIG – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
WSPR presentation racks:
WSPR – Spec sheet
WSPR – Installation
WSSR stemware (glass) racks:
WSSR – Spec sheet
WS – Installation
Le Rustique 6 bottle racks:
LR1 – Spec sheet
LR1 – Installation

Below are links to brief videos showing installation tips and guidance:

WS series installation (YouTube)
FCF series installation (YouTube)
Vino Pins installation (YouTube)
Vino Rails installation (YouTube)

We also have a CAD file of basic wine rack shapes for your own drawings
Design Aid for Professionals – DWG version

or if you need more information or help – please get in touch